Virtual Reality of your studio is a content game changer!

Virtual Reality Toolkit

or pre-sales, events, or community outreach you’ll LOVE our VRT (Virtual Reality Toolkit)! A Virtual Reality Tour of your studio!!! Imagine……… being able to show new leads what an Orangetheory Fitness studio looks like, and the experience they’ll have with the best 1 hour workout in the country. As powerful as words can be, SEEING is believing, and this portable virtual reality tool will give people the “wow” experience of Orangetheory Fitness – wherever you are.


During pre-sales, the OTF staff will be able to bring the studio to your prospects. With an all-in-one VR headset, users will be able to “visit” OTF in less than 60 seconds. 

Community engagement

Having a VR headset will help draw people into the booth during your community engagement events. Educate them on the OTF experience, and invite them “inside” your studio. Then, offer a free class so the user can get the full experience of the best 1 hour workout in the country. 

Our Google-certified professionals will help you develop focus, create that critical first impression, and attract and retain customers.

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