Sky Rocket Your Studio Sales with
High Quality Videos

Online video is the next big sales tool for your studio

Our work

Whether it’s a compelling educational piece or sharing a member’s journey, our goal is to connect with viewers on a deeper level that helps move them through the sales process so they can live their own personal fitness and life journey.

Watch a couple of the videos we’ve created for OTF this year.

Videos are the silver bullet of your studio's digital marketing

With our high-quality video production, you can accelerate the effectiveness of your marketing on Facebook ads, Instagram, PPC (pay per click) ads, landing pages, and virtually anything else online. In addition, they can also be used during pre-sales, events or anything in-between. In fact, high-quality video helps increase engagement, shares, and conversion across the board with all of your lead generation and marketing efforts.


  • 74.3% Increase with Ads
  • Higher Level of Engagement
  • Increases Shares on FB

Lead generation

Traditional lead generation through paid advertising using images is not enough today, and if you’re not using video you’re probably leaving money on the table. OTF franchises have a massive opportunity to differentiate themselves from other fitness studios and dramatically increase engagement, retention, and sales conversation with high qualities videos.

Different Types of Video Content

  • Story-Based Testimonials
  • Highlight Videos
  • Sale/Promotional Videos
  • FAQ Videos
  • Education (Science/Coaches)
  • Animated Gifs
  • Cinemographs

What we can do for your studio

Story Telling

Stories create connection with consumers. Marketing is no longer a spotlight on what is being sold, but on the stories being told that drive consumer action. We know how to tell good stories.

Educational Video Content

Once a viewer is successfully engaged in a compelling story-based video, our next goal is to educate them on the power of the OTF Program. It can be in the form of FAQ videos, education on the science of OTF, USPs like the coaches and the OTF community, and much more.
It’s answering the questions in the prospect’s mind effectively and professionally through video.

Strategic Video Marketing

Studios and online advertising agencies will be able to use the OTF videos for everything they are doing online and offline. As a result, engagement, likes, shares, opens, clicks and conversion will increase across the board.

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