Marketing with Facebook

Expand the age-old basics of getting to know your 

customers with Facebook

Why market with facebook?

Your customers are already on Facebook and actively searching for you. Create captivating imagery and use strategic posting practices to drive customers to your studio. 


So many options...

When it comes to Facebook ads, choosing the right medium is crucial. Thats why we work together with your studio to create captivating content specifically engineered to drive more leads to your studio.

  • Set your goals. What are your trying to accomplish?
  • Choose a campaign type. Once you choose, create A and B options to gather data on what’s working best.
  • Target your ads to the audience with the best ROI.
  • Budget your campaign, decide if your paying per click or per mile.
  • Prepare to analyze, the campaign is created with strategically placed links to properly track the campaigns metrics. 

Get results

The most important part of the campaign process is evaluating your return on investment.  When building a campaign we strategically place links and call to actions that will help identify what’s driving your traffic, allowing you to run the most optimal ads. 

Powerful social media reporting

In-depth reports.  Our Reports Hub gives you nine ready-to-go social media reports for an instant snapshot of your studio social data. 

We help our clients own their visibility by building and managing a solid digital foundation.

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