First, the strategy is focused on establishing a solid digital foundation to optimize your restaurant  visibility and local ranking. Next, we collaborate with Teriyaki Madness corporate marketing  to determine the social content, franchises needs and help to coordinate a plan for combining corporate content with ours to make Teriyaki Madness social media presence stand out from the crowd & competitors online.

Do not spend another day spending your hard-earned money on advertising and marketing methods that prove themselves to not work time and time again. We have the team, analytics and proven methods to do it for you.

Google Services

  • Google Optimization
  • Google 360 Tour 

5 Compelling

Why you should consider having a
Google Indoor Virtual Tour for your studio.

1. Get Discovered

Your studio’s Google virtual tour will appear in more than Google Maps, it will also be shown in organic Google search and on your Google+ Local page. We can even embed your virtual tour on the studio Facebook page!

2. Attract More Members

97% of people search for local businesses before making a decision and the Google Virtual Tour offers a significant advantage over your competitors by providing your potential members with an extra level of confidence by highlighting the Orangetheory Fitness state-of-the-art facilities and eye catching design.

3. Simply Affordable

Google virtual tours may be one of the most affordable virtual tour products on the market, and simply put – there’s no “catch.” Google hosts the tour at no cost – forever. 

4. Convert Studio Visitors

Studies show that 59% of customers visit a business within the same day of their search and 18% of local searches lead to a purchase within the same day, and Virtual Tours are a surefire way to capture even more of that attention.

5. Drive Engagement Through Reviews

As the virtual tour drives more traffic, you will naturally benefit from the increased interaction with your potential members. This increase in engagement and more reviews of your studio, all of which work together to increase your search ranking, build consumer confidence, and grow your bottom line.

What your colleagues say about us

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many studios across the nation.  And we’ve formed more than just working relationships with them; we have formed true friendships.

“OpticTour team is so intelligent and they know what they are doing. They really know the Orangetheory Fitness brand and they are very passionate about it. Most importantly, they are not trying to sell, but rather help you to reach your goals.”
Brittany Summerford
Orangetheory Fitness Regional Manager

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